Friday, June 12, 2009

Sneak peak

I'm busy plotting a new project!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting ready for quilting

I finally have a photo of my bed quilt! It's all laid out to be pinned for quilting.

The story behind this quilt is that I fell in love with the green batik, and bought the entire bolt. This is not a quilt that will ever be leaving my hands - it's all mine!

Actually back, I think

That one good day sure was fleeting. Happily, I think I am feeling better, so soon there will be more to talk about.

Yesterday I stopped at The City Quilter, my favorite mostly local quilting shop. I have a commissioned wedding quilt I needed to get fabrics for, so I dove into their batiks and emerged victorious, leaving a trail of bolts behind me.

Please excuse my foot. The quilt is going to be a variation on the gorgeous color wheel quilt by Joelle Hoverson in her new book. Instead of doing the full color wheel, I'm using some of the bride's favorite colors, purple, green, and blue. We're also changing the background to black or dark blue, so I aimed for lighter colors to increase the pop. I may put in one or two darker fabrics to play.