Saturday, May 9, 2009

From lemons to lemonade

Today was an unexpected success. I had made some blocks to experiment with the technique of sewing a bunch of strips together and then cutting the whole unit into half square triangles, but I hated how it came out. So I experimented with sashing and came up with this.

Once I put all the pieces together, I had two blocks that looked like this. Suddenly I liked it! When in doubt, add black.

I needed two more blocks than I had to make a lap quilt, and I didn't feel like making two more of the same type. So I pulled out some of my favorite fabrics from the first blocks and ended up with a simple block.

Tomorrow I plan to put the four blocks together and possibly quilt the thing. If, that is, I can decide whether or not it needs a border. I'm leaning toward no, because the sashing does sort of serve that purpose.

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